Goodwill Ambassadors. United Nations'2014/ 13 ноября 2014

Our last year project "Meet Goodwill Ambassadors" provoked a great interest from more than 50 organizations which are on our mailing list, particularly when it became known that a post of a UN Good Will Ambassador is open for all people who is 25 year old or older.
Organizations in question were advised of the Qualifications and Conditions of Service. It was particularly encouraging to know that United Nations Volunteers is “an equal opportunity programme which welcomes applications from all qualified professionals. UN Volunteers are committed to achieving diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture”.
We are taking the liberty upon ourself to refresh the memory of our readers and supplement information which had been brought to the attention of the public before. A few famous names have been added to the list of Goodwill Ambassadors of The United Nations. The names which deserve of being mentioned are:
Nicole Kidman, Emma Watson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Edward Norton.
Internet in Russia ("Runet") was about to explode and too many questions followed when a picture of the UN Secretary-General with a Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst on the background of the UN logo appeared in the mass-mediaThe pertinent question is: can it be regarded as an implication that Conchita Wurst may become a Goodwill Ambassador at the United Nations considering the fact that new cultural tendencies represented by Conchita are becoming more and more prevailing in the Western world? One may recall that Conchita Wurst is 26 years old.  It means that she is eligible.



The above material was drafted to satisfy the interest of our subscribers.

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